Case Study: A Place for Mom

A Place for Mom provides referrals for senior living facilities across the country. It has a strong SEO presence and users are able to research and find suitable senior living facilities for themselves, parents, or loved ones.


APFM came to Hacker Agency with two primary asks, to help them re-envision their conversion funnels and to redesign their main site. The site already received significant traffic from organic search but APFM also had several stand alone landing pages that were tailored to receive traffic from other channels (tv and display ads). These were used to collect information and criteria for matches showing the appropriate facilities. APFM wanted their main site to be more useable and the landing pages to have a higher conversion rate.


After a careful audit of the main site and the landing pages, I determined the initial effort should be to increase conversions on the landing pages. From past experience, I felt that the solution was a smooth transitioning multistep form submission.

Using a jQuery transition to lead the user through the form.


The final design, based on the wireframes above, resulted in a ~50% lift in conversion rates.

Since the main site already had a high SEO ranking, I focused primarily on giving more structure and order to the information, while making it easy for users to make sense of the many features. I also wanted to create distinct paths for users to get more information or perform a search for a facility.

Main site with prominent feature of the personal advisor.


The client was quite pleased with the performance of the landing pages and the reorganized main site. I maintained a relationship with A Place for Mom and consulted with them about ongoing UX questions.