Skoda Automotive


Skoda Automotive is based in Prague and is one of the largest auto manufacturers in Europe. In recent years, Skoda has experienced a resurgence in popularity and positive customer opinion. Skoda came to Hacker Agency in Munich to help with their loyalty program as well as to consult about re-envisioning their online purchasing process. I was onboarded quickly and had to scramble to become familiar with Skoda, understand the social listening, audit the current purchasing process and develop personas for my recommendation.


After researching the landscape of Skoda’s customer experiences, I was able to formulate personas that reflect typical prospects.

I also began an audit of the current purchase process.

Using the information collected above (and more), I began wire framing a more streamlined purchase flow that enabled the user to easily progress through the process. I was primarily focused on eliminating stumbling blocks as well as providing a prominent view into their selected vehicle configuration (not easily available on the current process). Our research also revealed that users needed a clear, easy way to connect with a representative through different channels at different stages of the process.


Since this was a proposal, I wanted to show the UX as it would look on the final Skoda site. I went forward with Photoshop to create a more sophisticated look for the new UX.

The end result was a reimagined UX and purchase flow that successfully simplified the process of online purchase.